My detailed quote addresses your specific needs and the extent of your project. From small styling issues to major redesigns, I offer a range of services to suit your specific requirements. Depending on the scope of your project,  qualified trades become part of my team to ensure that your new environment is expertly realized. At presentation, you receive a transparent plan of action with detailed budget and fee structure. You always approve every purchase and decision. To determine the level of design services you require, give me a call or drop me an email so we can have a preliminary discussion that focuses on your project.

It all begins with a no obligation consultation.

The objective of your consultation is to come away with a clear idea of what is required to carry your project across the finish line. My consultation fee is $225 (within the city) and includes an in person meeting of up to two hours in the space you want to redesign or renovate. I arrive with ideas and options ready to explore design concepts with you. As we zero in on your goals, budget, timeline and preferences, your design personality will emerge along with potential solutions for you to consider. This may be all you need, or a launching pad for a design project over time that adapts to changing lifestyle needs.

Whether you know precisely what you want or would like me to create a fully realized design for you, a comprehensive consultation is where it all begins

Ready for a no obligation consultation? Let’s get started.