When we think about the balance of a room-scape, the ways in which colour rolls over a space in a coherent storyline, it is very much like admiring a painting that provides the same visual impact.

Day After Day, 30x30, acrylic / mixed media.

Day After Day, 30×30, acrylic / mixed media.

Entire rooms flood my mind when I view the paintings of Phoenix artist Ann Langlois.  Inspired by memory, found art, nature and interesting objects, Langlois expresses strong emotions with colour and texture, and layers that reveal form and volume in much the same way as we consider an interior space. More than simply suggesting a palette, art works such as these canvases balance tint and shade, intensity and receding drabness: the very elements one balances to highlight, emphasize and reveal, or diminish, hide and minimize the aspects of a space .

Interscape, 24x24, Mixed Media,

Interscape, 24×24, Mixed Media,

If you love the coordinated calm of analogous colour schemes as I do, Langlois paintings and those of the master of colour play, Mark Rothko, offer endless encouragement and inspiration. Take for example a room inspired by Interscape. 90605Here you might find mid and dark wood in such pieces as a bookcase and a rough hewn reclaimed beam for a fireplace mantle paired with a feather wrapped, plush sofa, an upholstered armchair and toss cushions in coordinated pattern fabrics.



Metal accents of bronze and lampshades with gold interior fabric that casts a warm glow would work well in this space.images-2 Depending on the style and natural light situation, window coverings of either roman blinds or panel draperies would feature accent coordinated fabrics. The abstract nature of these paintings suggest modern or uncomplicated traditional furniture with clean lines.

Do you have a favourite work of art waiting to inspire a room, inform your fabric selections or set the mood for a space?